Design, delivery, installation, warranty and post-warranty maintenance of complete solutions for air traffic management, navigation and landing systems, according to theNATO and ICAOstandards, including:

  • Tactical and civil radio-navigation systems;
  • Precise take-off and landing systems;
  • VHF/UHF radio stations for communication and “ground-air” data transmission;
  • VCCS voice communication systems and networks;
  • Accurate time systems and GPS time servers;
  • Recording and synchronous reproduction of voice and radiolocation systems;
  • Meteorological systems for airports and heliports;
  • Take-off and landing lighting systems for airports and heliports;
  • Others;


We perform a wide range of activities related to the design, installation, maintenance and operation of railway projects, and most importantly, we ensure the safety of the railway transport.

  • Design and installation of interlocking systems for train stations;
  • Design and installation of systems for control of railway sectors on the basis of replacing existing track circuits with axle counters;
  • Design, production and installation of systems for data transfer between level crossings and train stations;
  • Deployment of new, highly-reliable and energy-efficient electrical point machines and train signals;


Balkantel Ltd. provides solutions for monitoring and control systems in multiple sectors such as the Army, Railways, Aviation, etc.

  • Developed with the aim of high modularity and scalability;
  • Allows for straight-forward installation, modification and upgrade;
  • Ability to monitor all kings of network systems, from complex IP networks to air conditioning;
  • Automated processing and transfer of information, as well as its storage and analysis;
  • Intuitive and functional graphic user interface, for monitoring and control;
  • Real-time notifications, in the case of alarms and other warnings;


  • Design and installation of complex voice and data transfer systems for railway control;
  • Design of the communication interfaces of the train control lines for connections and traffic management;
  • Design of highly reliable operative dispatch connections over VoIP. Establishment of dispatch centers, which include workstations, video-walls and Voice Communication and Control Systems (VCCS), with specialized user interface for inter-station communications management;
  • Design and integration of inter-station telecommunication infrastructure, through GSM-R and SDH/PDH optic fiber;
  • Delivery, installation and maintenance of server equipment for the integration of the entire system and the provision of its errorless and continuous functioning;


  • Design of digital radio relay lines for voice, data and TV programs transfer
  • Construction of static and mobile solutions with reserve power supply for telecommunication equipment housing;
  • Centralized monitoring and control of the transmission network;
  • Colocation Centre with modern solutions for the reduction of single point of failure;
  • High-speed radio relay connections at distances as needed.

All radio relay solutions are subject to extensive testing before commissioning. Balkantel provides radio-relay services to many sectors of the economy such as railway infrastructure, army, aviation, radio and television and others.


  • Modularity – the equipment for each CCTV point is built in modules, allowing the relocation (if necessary) and the easier maintenance of the system as a whole;
  • Versatility – IP network video cameras are used. Their connection to the workstations is built on a standard network (VLAN). This ensures the easy construction, interchangeability and maintenance without requiring specific skills and knowledge from the operating personnel;
  • Reserve – if a CCTV module fails, it can be replaced with another one, with a less important role for the time needed to fix the damage. In addition, each workstation can work with some or all of the camcorders specified for it; Each of the workstations can work with the designated video cameras;
  • Accessibility – camcorders have a built-in HTTP server, allowing each, several or all of them to be monitored, managed, and recorded by any standard PC with an Internet browser on the network with the respective access rights. This greatly enhances the system’s applicability and the reliability.


Balkantel designs and builds integrated communication and information modules designed to expand the operation area and coverage of fixed communication systems, radio-relay lines and communication networks for specialized clients and telecommunication operators. The mobile communication modules provide an effective multi-functional retransmission and communication infrastructure for the service of the subscribers of fixed networks and operators.


Balkantel integrates complete road traffic management systems aimed at providing more economical, safer and more efficient transport. The offered solutions are based on information and communication technologies from leading suppliers, and contribute to the realization of intelligent and modern solutions for speed control, traffic jams reduction in urban areas, transit time reduction for traffic participants, air pollution reduction.
Balkantel performs all accompanying activities such as: engineering, design, installation, mounting, commissioning and warranty and post-warranty service.


Supply, installation and maintenance of support and access networks. Construction of a wide range of support networks using optical and/or copper infrastructure (multiplexers, routers, terminals, gateways, modems, converters of various types, cables, passive equipment, etc.), as well as access to services via MSAN/DSLAM. The company carries out the complete design and construction of multiple types of networks:

  • LAN/WAN;
  • ISDN, ATM, Frame Relay, Ethernet and IP technologies;
  • complex ICT solutions;
  • FTTx optical networks.


Design and production of automatic meteorological systems to provide up-to-date information on local weather conditions for the tourist industry. Measurement of the main meteorological parameters, such as: air temperature and relative humidity; wind speed; rainfall; snowfall, etc. Installation and integration of the meteorological equipment to the internal telecommunication network and client’s infrastructure (house, resort, hotel, hotel chain, etc.) Testing, commissioning, warranty and post-warranty maintenance of the built systems.