Mobile Solutions

Balkantel – where innovation meets functionality in the realm of mobile technology. Our portfolio in Mobile Solutions is designed to cater to the complex and evolving needs of modern communication and navigation systems. Explore our range of advanced mobile solutions that are setting new standards in the industry.

Mobile Command and Control Vehicles

Our state-of-the-art Mobile Command and Control Vehicles are engineered to provide unparalleled support in critical missions. These vehicles come equipped with a range of sophisticated systems:

  • Radio systems: Featuring advanced radio communication systems, these units ensure reliable and secure communication across various terrains and situations.
  • Telecommunications: Our vehicles are equipped with high-speed telecommunications technology, enabling seamless data transfer and connectivity in even the most challenging environments.
  • Specialised C4I Equipment: Command, Control, Communications, Computers, and Intelligence (C4I) systems are integral to our vehicles, offering enhanced operational capabilities, real-time data processing, and strategic decision-making support.

Integrated Equipment for Specialised Combat Vehicles

We provide cutting-edge integrated equipment for a variety of combat vehicles, including tanks and armored vehicles. Our offerings include:

  • Intercom System: Robust intercom systems facilitate clear and uninterrupted communication among crew members within the vehicle. This is crucial for coordinated operations.
  • Radios: High-performance radios designed for combat vehicles ensure reliable communication with command centers and other units.
  • C4I: Our sophisticated C4I systems integrate seamlessly with combat vehicles, enhancing their operational efficiency and battlefield effectiveness.

Mobile Navigation Systems

Balkantel introduces advanced mobile navigation systems that redefine accuracy and reliability:

  • Mobile NDB (Non-directional Beacon): These portable beacons provide a reliable means of navigation, broadcasting signals that can be received by aircraft to determine their bearing relative to the beacon.
  • Mobile MB (Marker Beacon): Our mobile marker beacons serve as critical waypoints for aircraft, assisting in precise navigation and approach, especially during adverse weather conditions.
  • Mobile Airport Lighting System: This system includes portable, high-intensity lighting solutions for temporary or emergency airfield setups, enhancing safety and operational efficiency.

Fully Equipped Mobile ATC Towers

Expanding our portfolio, we now offer Fully Equipped Mobile Air Traffic Control (ATC) Towers. These mobile units are designed for rapid deployment and provide a full range of ATC capabilities, including:

  • Advanced Communication Systems: Ensuring continuous and clear communication with aircraft and ground personnel.
  • Radar and Surveillance Equipment: Providing real-time air traffic monitoring and management.
  • Navigation Aid Systems: Facilitating safe and efficient aircraft movements in various airspace conditions.
  • Weather Monitoring Instruments: Offering accurate and immediate weather data critical for safe air traffic operations.

These mobile ATC towers are ideal for temporary, emergency, or remote airfield operations, ensuring uninterrupted air traffic control services under any circumstances.