Railway Signalling Systems

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With an extensive experience of over 30 years in railway infrastructure, Balkantel is a leading company in the manufacturing, integration, and implementation of projects related to signalling systems. Our company offers complex services and products oriented to optimizing the railway transport systems.

Our Products and Solutions:

Balkantel Ltd. is proud of its manufacturing and solutions, entirely focused on innovation in railway infrastructure. These include:

Power supply:

In today’s rail transport, reliable and efficient power supply is key to ensuring the safety and smooth operation of infrastructure. In this context, we manufacture complex power supply devices designed specifically for switchgear, signals, axle counters, etc.

Extremely high safety standards are at the centre of our complex power supply device. We ensure that every component that goes into the system is certified and meets the strictest industry standards.

Electronic Based Interlocking System MKC:

MKC is a technological solution of Balkantel Ltd., representing a Computer Based Interlocking System that combines superior comp and a high safety standard. With its universal interface, this product not only manages and coordinates all external objects in the railway infrastructure, such as traffic signals, point machines, and axle counters, but also ensures the smooth and trouble-free movement of trains.

MKC features the highest SIL 4 safety standard and 2 times 2 by 2 structural reliability, which ensures flawless real-time control and response. Combining technological innovation with the integration of various systems such as autoblocking, level crossings, ETCS, and more, the MKC is a key enabler in rail modernization.

The modular structure of MKC provides a flexible and sustainable design that is easily adaptable to different technologies and systems. This approach facilitates operators in the process of integrating new functionalities and technologies without compromising system stability.

LED Signals:

In the field of rail transport, LED signals represent an innovative solution for improving the safety and efficiency of level crossings. These systems feature better visibility and lower energy consumption. Our innovations such as adaptive control and integrated sensors contribute to increased protection.

We are proud to announce that Balkantel Ltd. is the only Bulgarian manufacturer of LED crossing signals that have been successfully integrated into the Bulgarian railway infrastructure. Our systems not only meet the high standards of safety and efficiency but are also an integral part of the modernization and progress of railway transport in Bulgaria.

Control Panel for relay based Interlocking devices (MRC-CP):

The Control Panel for relay based Interlocking devices (MRC-CP) is an innovative technological solution aimed at improving the management and safety of rail transport. This product combines an intuitive interface with high-quality components, ensuring trouble-free and secure operation.

MRC-CP provides operators with the ability to accurately and quickly issue commands to the systems controlled by the Interlocking Systems. With integrated intelligent functions, the device optimizes shunting operations and provides the flexibility needed in rail infrastructure management.

The reliability of the product is embedded in the high-quality materials used, which not only ensure a long life of the device but also ensure safety in the execution of each command. This carefully engineered combination of technology and durability provides trouble-free operation in all conditions.

With active cooperation with the Bulgarian railway operators, the MRC-CP has been successfully integrated into the National Railway Infrastructure Company. Its role as a central management and control element contributes to the modernization and efficiency of rail transport in Bulgaria.

Axle Counters:

Our axle counters offer a reliable train detection method used for track vacancy detection by railway signalling systems, ensuring sections of track are clear before another train is permitted to enter. Unlike traditional track circuits, axle counters are not affected by environmental conditions such as rain or snow, which can be a significant advantage in maintaining the safety and efficiency of rail operations.

Level Crossings:

Balkantel’s level crossing systems provide safe railway and roadway intersection management. These systems are designed to warn road users of an approaching train with automatic barriers and warning signals. Our advanced systems integrate with local traffic control to minimize disruption and maximize safety for both rail and road users.

Point Machines:

Our point machines, also known as switch gear, are robust mechanisms used to move and lock track rails into position. They are an essential component of railway signalling, allowing for the safe and efficient routing of trains from one track to another. Balkantel’s point machines are engineered for reliability and durability, ensuring seamless rail operations.