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Welcome to Balkantel’s railway infrastructure telecommunication solutions. We specialize in  providing comprehensive turnkey telecommunication and information systems tailored specifically for railway operations. Our systems are designed to enhance not only the operational efficiency but also to prioritize the safety of railway services.

Our Telecommunication & Information Systems:

Voice Dispatching System "RADIS RAIL"

RADIS RAIL is our state-of-the-art voice dispatching system, enabling centralized communication control and recording for railway operations. It allows dispatchers to communicate effectively with trains and ground staff, ensuring clear and reliable voice communications across the network.

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Data Network Solutions (IP/MPLS-TP/DWDM/SDH/PDH)

We offer robust data network solutions tailored to the railway industry’s needs, including IP-MPLS / MPLS-TP for scalable and flexible routing, DWDM / OTN for high-capacity backbone networks, and SDH/PDH for cost-effective and reliable access networks. Embracing industry standards and regulatory directives, our solutions adhere meticulously to the recommendations delineated in Directive (EU) 2022/255, ensuring alignment with the latest guidelines and protocols. Furthermore, we pride ourselves on a culture of continuous improvement and innovation, reflected in our commitment to enhancing and refining our systems. Our adherence to the stringent requirements of EN ISO/IEC 27001:2017 underscores our dedication to maintaining the highest standards of security and reliability across all facets of our operations. With our unwavering focus on excellence and compliance, we empower railway networks to achieve unparalleled levels of performance, resilience, and operational efficiency.

Passenger Information Displays

Our passenger information displays deliver real-time information, keeping passengers informed about timetables, delays, and other travel notices with high visibility displays that are essential for modern railway stations. Displays are compliant with the requirements set out in Regulation (EU) No 1300/2014

Passenger Announcement Systems

Clear and audible announcements are facilitated by our passenger loudspeaker systems ensuring passengers receive timely and understandable information throughout railway stations. The system is also certified for compliance with the requirements of EN 54-16 and EN 54-4.

Station Clocks System

Precision and synchronicity are vital in rail transport, which is why our station clock display system is designed to provide accurate time information, synchronized across the entire network to keep everything running on schedule.

IP Telephones

Our IP telephone solutions offer high-quality voice communication over the railway’s data network. System solution providing a reliable and integrated platform for internal/external communications and emergency announcements.


Security and monitoring are enhanced with our Video Surveillance System. By providing comprehensive surveillance capabilities for stations, level crossing, rail yards and critical infrastructure, the safety and security of passengers and staff is increased.


GSM-R is a secure and specialized mobile communication technology, designed for the railway transport. It enables safe and uninterrupted communication between train personnel and control centres, facilitating smooth railway operations and emergency responses.

Balkantel is dedicated to delivering most advanced technology solutions for railway infrastructure. We are working to ensuring enhanced communication, safety, and passenger experience.