Заедно можем повече!

The past 12 months have been filled with fires, floods, a pandemic that has made the world stop. All these disasters provoked thoughts about the most important things in life, namely to be together, to be healthy and to help each other.

Traditionally, holidays are the time when charity is most often talked about. However, since the establishment of the company “Balkantel” Ltd. (https://www.balkantel.net/bg), it has its own tradition to help those in need.

And he does it all year round, turning it into much more than just charity.

For years, in addition to various donation campaigns such as “Bulgarian Christmas”, the company supports various causes in which it truly believes.

Father Ivan’s orphanage in Novi Han

One of them is Father Ivan’s orphanage in Novi Han. The priest cares for people left without anyone, as well as for entire disadvantaged families. (https://svetinikolai.org/ )

” Hug me “

Two other causes that the company is extremely committed to are the Embrace Me studio and the fight of people with autism. For 15 years, the Embrace Me studio (http://www.pregarnime.org/bg_BG/) has enabled abandoned children to rediscover the beauty of the world and their talents in various arts. They are supported by artists, musicians, writers who help them develop their abilities.

Gea Chelonia Foundation

As of this year, part of the projects that Balkantel Ltd. supports is the creation of a room for wintering turtles in the Center of the Gea Chelonia Foundation near Nessebar. The construction process is long and divided into three stages, the first of which is already a fact. (https://geachelonia.org/en/ )

One of the causes that has grown into a real friendship is that of the teacher Mariana Pencheva from Veliko Tarnovo, who adopted 10 of her students. During the isolation in March, the company helped provide enough devices for children to learn. But their help does not stop there.

In every difficult moment, Mariana Pencheva and her children know that they have someone to rely on.

As a thank you for everything, this year they have made their own gifts for those who are close to them. Mariana says that for them December is always special and full of many activities:

In December we organize Christmas karaoke, Christmas workshops for making Christmas cards, toys and gifts that we give to people who have made our year better. Christmas is a celebration of goodness, so it is important to bring joy to those who do not. Every year we give presents to children from children from poor families. This year’s distribution is even more special, because most of the things are handmade and also warm clothes, toys and what not. In December we organize a Christmas concert, this year it is virtual„.

There is a real harmony in their home, and the festive mood is felt all the time. Along with all the tasks and events around the holidays, they have time to think about everything they have done over the past 12 months.

In our house, the end of each year is an occasion for balance and gratitude. Christmas is our family’s favorite holiday. Preparations for it begin in early December with our annual challenging Christmas calendar. Every day is dedicated to nsomething interesting, connectedwith the holiday and doing good deeds.

„This year the children surprised mewitha calendar made for me personally and now we have two to perform, which makes the days interesting. Christmas is a time for family, tradition, love and understanding. We have prepared many surprises for all friends.

Despite a year full of difficulties and challenges, Mariana Pencheva and her girls and boys look to 2020 with a smile. Nevertheless, they remain positive about what awaits us.

“Our wish is to thank that we are alive and well, to embrace our loved ones and hopefully 2021 is the happiest year and the best is yet to come.”