Design, installation and maintenance of video surveillance systems

Completed projects: Balkantel designs, installs and maintains modern IP-based video surveillance systems at Graf Ignatievo, Krumovo and Bezmer air bases. The video systems are built on the basis of network PTZ video cameras and intelligent software. This supports the activities of the security of air bases and ensures better flight safety. The main principles of building a video surveillance system are:

    • Modularity – the equipment for each video surveillance point is built in the form of modules, which allows relocation, if necessary, and easier maintenance of the system as a whole;
    • Versatility – IP network video cameras are used. Their connection to the workstations is based on a standard network (VLAN). This leads to easy construction, interchangeability and maintenance without requirements for specific skills and knowledge on the part of operating personnel;
    • Reticence – in case of failure of a video surveillance module, it can be replaced for the time of troubleshooting with another, which is in a less responsible place. In addition, each of the workstations can work with some or all of the video cameras assigned to it;
    • Accessibility – The camcorders have a built-in HTTP server, which allows, if necessary, each, some or all of them to be monitored, managed and recorded by any standard personal computer with an Internet browser connected to the network with the appropriate access rights This significantly increases the applicability and reliability of the system.

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