Nis – Brestovac Project Officially Started

In the end of September 2021, after a long, but diligent  training, the Nis – Brestovac project has officially started.

The modernization of the Serbian railway, assigned to the Bulgarian consortium between Balkantel LTD and Trace Group Holding, solemnly began. The main event took place on 30th of September 2021 and the sod itself was made by the President of the European commission  – Ursula Von Der Leyen and the Serbian president Alexander Vucic, which is a clear sign of the importance of the project. Among the high-ranking guests, of course, present were representatives from Balkantel LTD in the face of the CEO Mr. Christo Dourtchev and the Head of the railway departmentAlexander Nametkov, as well as other colleagues from the Balkantel’s Serbian office.


Also important for the project and its implementation is the pursuit of digitalization, automatization and development of the railway infrastructure. This means more green and ecologically clean processes, which is one the highest priorities of the countries in the region and in Europe as a whole.

The working part of the project is separated in two lots. The first one starts from the exit of the railway station in Nis and leads to the station in Belotince and it is 11.5km long. The other section continues from the railway station in Belotince till the entrance of the rail station in Brestovac. Implementation of telecommunications and signalling is planned for both lots which is the main role of Balkantel LTD.