CLIENT: State Enterprise “Air Traffic Management”
PERIOD: 2015 – continues
PLACE: Bulgaria
STATUS: In execution

The scope of the project includes:
  • Delivery of 5 VOR / DME + 1 DME;
  • Factory tests;
  • On-site tests;
  • Installation and commissioning;
  • СМР.
The activities of BALKANTEL as a subcontractor of THALES AIR SYSTEMS S.A.S. include:
  • Construction of two new sites, including shelters and counterweights – Bourgas Airport and Gorna Oryahovitsa Airport;
  • Repair of existing equipment (shelters and counterweights) – Sofia Airport, Varna Airport, Baylovo, Golyama Brestnitsa (including DME, which is collocated with CVOR);
  • Installation and commissioning;
  • Additional activities – production of foundations, repair activities, construction and installation activities, relocation and extension of cables, lightning protection, grounding, dismantling of old existing equipment, etc.

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