Innovative management training for Balkantel

Balkantel is actively working to enhance the professional and personal qualities of its employees. In this regard, over the past few months the company has organized training for department and project managers. This training is part of the company’s corporate programs, playing a key role in professional development, increased engagement and motivation for work.

The initiative took place from January to July and covered the following topics:

• “Goal-setting skills”
• “Effective delegation skills”
• “Employee motivation”
• “Effective time management”
• “Decision-making skills and approaches”
• “Conflict resolution”
• “Written communication skills”
• “Emotional intelligence for leaders”

All of this was accomplished with the special assistance of the company @Arthur Adams and Mr. Christian Georgiev, who skillfully guided our managerial team toward the necessary practices for effective leadership.

Thanks to all participants and we look forward to more beneficial events for the Balkantel team!

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