PERIOD: 2011 – 2012
PLACE: Bulgaria – Bezmer, Krumovo
STATUS: Completed

Design, development and integration of SCADA system for monitoring of military airports Graf Ignatievo, Bezmer and Krumovo in real time, the so-called Front Desk; The implementation of the project includes:

  • Upgrading the LAN hardware and MMI system for automatic visualization of the state of the navigation aids and the condition of the track;
  • Introduction of controllable video surveillance with remotely controlled color cameras;
  • Installation and integration of remotely controlled video cameras around navigation systems and on the runway, including special mechanical maintenance and protection of the equipment and its power supply;
  • Application of cable and wireless LAN extension of remote video surveillance;
  • Upgrade of end devices of the system for accurate time, designed to display local and world time in analog and digital form;
  • Implementation of a network for high-speed data transfer between the airports and the control center in Sofia.

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