First stage - completed!

The first stage of the project for the creation of a separate sector for wintering turtles in the rescue center of the Gea Chelonia Foundation has already been completed. The good news is a fact thanks to the help of Balkantel Ltd.

For more than a month, the turtles in the center near Nessebar have their new winter home. In the room, which was completed earlier this year, the temperature and humidity turned out to be perfect for its new occupants. And, on days with negative temperatures, even an ordinary electric stove is enough to maintain the necessary living conditions. The idea of ​​placing the animals directly on the ground without making a paved concrete pedestal proved to be very appropriate and the turtles could dig, lay and stand on a natural substrate. A, thanks to the UV lamps we use, the substrate is well heated.

Only a few months ago, the turtles spent the winter in the other rooms of the center in vessels with artificial substrate. This required daily cleaning, feeding, watering and moving the animals. These heavy obligations are a thing of the past, and in their place Ivo and Iva from the Gea Chelonia Foundation have much more time for the other activities in the Center.

Now everyone is waiting for the warm weather to test another of the new acquisitions. „ We have not yet tested the animal entrances, because it is still cold for the animals to go outside, but this is yet to come. They will go out into their outer enclosures in corridors – for each species in a separate corridor, and will go home on their own when they need it. Thus, the human factor and the stress of lifting and constantly manipulating them will be significantly reduced.“

The second room of the new building is ready. The two rooms are separated by a panel wall. It is still empty, but will soon have its first inhabitants.

“We are satisfied and very grateful to Balkantel for the financial support, but not only that. Thanks to you, we have launched a much larger project, which is the subject of an active campaign to attract additional funds for its completion. It’s about the second room and the covered children’s educational corner (and not only educational, but rather multifunctional), which you know about.
The first step of this great project has been made. The good results after it lead to even bolder dreams of Ivo and Iva in the future to build several more such buildings. So all the turtles will have their own home.


“A whole complex can be built. Only to be healthy! Be healthy and you and thank you for being there for finding us, believing in our cause and supporting it!“