BALKANTEL with a donation to the "Association of Parents of Children with Kidney Diseases"

The Association of Parents of Children with Kidney Diseases initiated a charity campaign for making martenitsas (a small ornament, usually a bracelet or a brooch, most often made of wool or cotton yarn in two basic colors – white and red) on the occasion of today’s holiday – “Baba Marta,” and “Balkantel” wholeheartedly participated in this cause.

The charitable creation of martenitsas aims to provide support to at least five children who, for one reason or another, need funds for education, food, treatment, therapy, and other necessities within six months. Additionally, it aims to secure funds for purchasing materials for art activities with children (at least five children) who use or will use this type of social support within six months.

The association was founded in 2010 by parents of children with kidney and urological disabilities. For ten years it has been supporting children in the Department of Pediatric Urology at the University Hospital “N. Pyrogov”, Clinic of Pediatric Nephrology at the Hospital “Prof. Iv. “Play and create – with us”, “First of June – let’s give smiles to children” and “Fairy Christmas”, the main goal of which is to create conditions for young patients to overcome stress and pain more easily.

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The Аssociation also organizes initiatives to support hospitals in purchasing equipment and supplies.

The company also conducts advocacy campaigns, resulting in changes to Regulation 3 on preventive examinations and screening, 

as well as regulations for admitting children to kindergartens in Sofia and regulations for designing and maintaining buildings for educational purposes.


“Balkantel” Ltd will tie martenitsas with a cause to its employees. Join in! Pass on the kindness! Happy holiday!