Balkantel signed a contract for the supply of 30 brake parachute systems

Balkantel Ltd. won a tender for the supply of 30 brake parachute systems KB-5, equivalent to PTK-29SK, to the Air Force. The contract was signed on March 25, 2020. The first part of the agreement was implemented in June. At that time, 10 of the agreed brake parachute systems were delivered to Vrazhdebna Airport. The second stage of the contract ended at the end of September. By September 30, the remaining 20 parachute braking systems had been delivered and delivered. The brake parachute systems “KB-5” manufactured by the company “Spekon” GmbH, Germany, are designed for operation of the MiG-29 aircraft. They are used in daily flying activities to reduce the length of the aircraft on landing. The speed range for the operation of the brake parachute systems covers speeds from 180 km / h to 310 km / h.