Balkantel – Official Sponsor of Days of Robotics

“Balkantel” has become an official sponsor, supporting the traditional initiative of the Robotics Club at the Technical University of Sofia – “Days of Robotics.”

“Days of Robotics” is a traditional competition organized by the Robotics Club at the Technical University of Sofia, held annually to encourage and motivate the development of robotics and innovations in the field of technology.

The initiative includes lectures, workshops and competitions that are oriented towards people with interests in technical fields.

Some of this year’s competition categories were: “Line Tracing”, “LEGO Line Tracing”, “Mini Sumo”, “3D Maze”, etc., with over 120 participants taking part in the event.

We are happy and proud to be part of such initiatives and contribute to the development of future talents!

For more information about the event, you can visit: