On April 14, 2024, our team received a donation certificate from the “Caps for the Future” foundation for our involvement in their initiative, which aims to guarantee the purchase of incubators and then ambulances using funds derived from the recycled materials of caps and cans.

We believe in common efforts to build a better future for our society while also protecting the environment. Therefore, we support such social causes as part of our strategy for corporate responsibility. We are glad we can offer our contribution, which entails only a small effort to accomplish something so significant, which will help in providing dozens of hospitals across the country with the essential equipment for our society’s most valuable asset—the children.

We express our gratitude for the collaborative efforts within our company community that make our participation in this initiative possible. Each day, the dedicated team of Balkantel Ltd. diligently collects and disposes of plastic caps from their beverages at designated locations. This ongoing commitment showcases the enduring values and principles that underpin our corporate culture.

Капачки за бъдеще Balkantel