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Balkantel, as a partner of the American company Southern Avionics Company (SAC), successfully completed a project for the delivery, installation and configuration of 6 NDB systems, following an international tender announced by the Bulgarian Air Traffic Services Authority (BULATSA).

NDB (non-directional radio beacon) translates as non-directional radio beacon. It is a radio beacon at a known location and is used as an aviation navigation aid. NDBs are used by aircraft navigation to help determine their direction and geographical location on the surface of the Earth.

The project, executed “turnkey,” involved dismantling existing, morally outdated equipment and replacing it with new, modern 125-watt transmitters SE 125, antenna matching devices PC1000C, and Remote Control Units (RCU SE).

Balkantel and SAC collaborated responsibly, paying attention to every detail during deliveries, installations, flight tests, acceptance tests, and commissioning.


The SE series NDB (Non-Directional Beacon) stations utilize cutting-edge technology, including powerful microcontrollers (Renesas) and direct digital synthesizers from Analog Devices to provide accurate beacon signals with power levels ranging from 10 watts to 125 watts. The SE125 transmitters come with built-in WebWatch software, allowing users to monitor and adjust the transmitter from a laptop. Balkantel’s experienced professionals have created specially designed software with an interface that makes accessing and controlling the transmitters even easier and more functional.

The Antenna Tuning Unit (ATU) serves to match the antenna with the transmitter under changing meteorological conditions and is used in all NDB and DGPS systems.

Balkantel extends gratitude to SAC and ATSA for their teamwork and confidently looks forward to future joint projects. Through this project, Balkantel once again proves itself as a high-tech company that successfully cooperates with both its Bulgarian BULATSA partners and internationally recognized companies.