Network Monitoring System


Mission-critical systems are based on a large number of subunits and networks running in parallel, often across multiple local and remote locations. Therefore, network monitoring must span across many networks and complex software distributions.

Umbrella Network Monitoring System (NMS) integrates monitoring of mission-critical devices and networks across multiple locations. Monitored infrastructure can include:

  • Communication devices and infrastructure
  • Radar & Navigation systems
  • IT infrastructure
  • Power equipment
  • Security systems and more

The system architecture is designed to be secure, lightweight, reliable and compatible with modern and legacy devices. This creates outstanding flexibility in deployment, monitoring and the capacity to monitor tens of thousands devices with minimum bandwidth and investment requirements.

Key benefits
  • Improved infrastructure reliability
  • Reduced costs by unifying monitoring operations and streamlining maintenance
  • Unparalleled security and performance
  • Seamless monitoring at local, national and global levels
  • Optimized for monitoring thousands of devices on limited hardware and bandwidth resources
  • Web-based remote access from any location
  • Client-centric UI and function customization
  • Market-leading compatibility and integration with modern and legacy devices
  • Specialized equipment monitoring with custom SNMP converters
  • Agentless, modular architecture allowing fast and cost-effective scalability
Web-based remote access

When monitoring critical networks, there are multiple stakeholders with different access clearances across multiple locations.

Umbrella features web-based hierarchical access which provides the user with 24/7 real-time information according to their area of responsibility regardless of their location.




Lightweight architecture, COTS hardware and outstanding device compatibility significantly reduce integration, bandwidth and downtime costs, while improving system availability.


With deployments in ATC and Defense environments, Umbrella features unparalleled reliability and availability by using a fully redundant configuration at both hardware and software levels.

Centralized monitoring

Device compatibility and the ability to integrate with third party NMS systems enable Umbrella to unify entire system monitoring. This significantly reduces complexity and enables centralized monitoring and management from a single or multiple remote locations.


In addition to the wide range of supported legacy and modern devices, Umbrella offers custom SNMP-converters for legacy and specialized equipment monitoring.


Agentless monitoring and support for a wide range of devices enables fast, cost-effective and straightforward upgrades to integrate additional monitored networks and thousands of devices while maximizing value of past investment.


Device activity logs and statistics are securely maintained in backups. Detailed statistics and reports about each device can be reviewed including performance, user activity and availability.


Umbrella is designed to provide essential information at all levels – the user can view aggregated alarms at global, site and local levels. This allows alarm management of multiple locations from a centralized workstation, shifting from country through site to local levels to monitor a single device and take appropriate action.