CLIENT: State Enterprise “National Railway Infrastructure Company”
PERIOD: 2014 – 2015
PLACE: Bulgaria Sofia
STATUS: Completed

Balkantel’s activities include:

Design of the communication system of the center, including:

  • design of the communication interfaces with the separate control lines;
  • project for construction of the hall of dispatchers;
  • project for realization of dispatching connections through VoIP solutions;
  • project for data transmission by optical cable to NRIC railway AT headquarters;

Construction of the center including:

  • delivery of server equipment to ensure the functionality of the dispatch connection;
  • delivery of a video wall for monitoring work processes and train traffic;
  • development and delivery of interactive dispatch terminals, providing:
  • operational dispatching connections;
  • GSM connections;
  • GSM-R connections;
  • standard telecommunication connections;

The system is built according to the functional specifications and requirements of IRENE. Full redundancy of connections will be achieved in order to ensure trouble-free operation with predicted failure – once every 25 years.

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