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MileGate 2011

MileGate 2011 - The Micro-DSLAM for FTTB Network Achitektures

MileGate 2011 is a Micro-DSLAM for FTTB connections. It is designed for the operation in basements or in utility rooms in multi-tenant buildings. There the optical fibre is terminated in the MileGate 2011. It converts the signals received from the optical fibre into electrical signals. With the VDSL2 interfaces up to 8 subscribers can be connected to the optical fibre network over the existing telephone cabling. With a bandwidth of over 100 Mbps per VDSL2 interface, MileGate 2011 can provide modern Triple Play services, like IPTV (TV via Internet) in HD quality, VoD (Video on Demand) and VoIP (Voice over Internet), without the need to bring the optical fibre up to every subscriber in the building. Optionally MileGate 2011 can convert an analouge and digital CATV signal and feed it into the existing coaxial in-house cabling. So network operators can provide traditional CATV and modern IPTV services in parallel.