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Fluke 9640A

Fluke 9640A Series

The essential core of any RF and microwave calibration system. Accuracy, stability, resolution, purity, dynamic range, and low noise

Fluke 792A

792A AC/DC Transfer Standard

Support for your most demanding ac traceability requirements

Fluke 742A

742A Resistance Standards

High accuracy working standards for on-site resistance calibration

Fluke A40

A40/A40A Current Shunts

The A40 Series consists of 12 shunts rated from 10 mA up to 5A. The A40A shunts add 10A and 20A ranges. The A40/A40A allows you to make ac/dc current transfer measurements with the 792A Transfer Standard or 5790A Measurement Standard. Special cables are required. 

Fluke 6105A - 6100B

The Fluke 6105A/6100B Electrical Power Quality Calibrator

The most accurate, comprehensive and flexible sources of electrical power quality and energy signals

Fluke 908 - 909

908/909 Frequency References

Stable frequency references for test systems and calibration labs

Fluke 910 - 910R

910/910R GPS Controlled Frequency Standards

The cesium controlled frequency standard that uses GPS technology and connectivity to provide primary standard traceability from any location